Manvert Silikon – Your Self-defence Against Unpredictable Weather

Silicon is a hard metalloid substance, the second-most abundant element on the planet (after oxygen)1, abundantly found in the earth’s crust and the name of a very wealthy region on North America’s west coast. While silicon may be a vital component in high-tech electronics, which is why tech valleys around the world bear its name, silicon maybe even more vital to the future of sustainable farming. Studies have found that silicon has a beneficial effect on crops during stressful periods.


Silicon as a Biostimulant

Despite silicon being so abundant in the earth’s crust, leaching and intensive farming are some of the causes that have led to low levels of this element in the soil. Silicon is not considered an essential nutrient for crop cultivation, but studies have found that high levels of silicon in plants enhance their strength and rigidity2 that help overcome biotic and abiotic stressors. For this reason, your crops could benefit from an additional application of silicon during periods of stress to strengthen your crops and improve crop vigour and quality.


Manvert Silikon

Manvert’s Silikon is a liquid biostimulant made from silicon (30% SiO2), and its effectiveness is enhanced under conditions of water stress and high temperatures


Maintaining Water Balance

For crops to be healthy, we need to create an ideal growing environment. This can be especially difficult during periods of drought or too much rain. After a lot of rain, the silicon particles absorb the surrounding water, drying the surface and reducing the water available for fungal growth. When crops experience water stress, a reversible reaction occurs where the silicon releases the retained water, making it again available for the plant as needed. The nano-silicon particles in Manvert Silikon also create a thin layer of protection which further reduces transpiration during hot and dry periods thereby improving the water efficiency of the plant.


The Strengthening Mechanism

Silikon’s strengthening mechanism is achieved through the accumulation of the silicon in the epidermal tissue. Due to the nature of silicon, it forms a polymeric, organic and crystalline framework that protects and mechanically strengthens the plant against attack from pathogenic microorganisms.


Thanks to its Nanovert tech technology its performance and extension over the surface of the nanoparticles is much higher.


Nanovert Tech Technology

The Nanovert tech Technology in Manvert Silikon is another proprietary Manvert technology that allows them to obtain nanoparticles. Smaller particles mean a higher concentration of the active ingredient in a solution, greater coverage and greater absorption on the leaves. Thus by reducing the size of the particles we increase coverage on the leaf and improve the effectiveness of the product.



This past year, Remitto has completed extensive field tests on various crops using Manvert Silikon in conjunction with supporting Manvert products to determine whether they truly do what they claim. Here’s what we found:


  • One of our clients performed his own field test on maize using a Manvert protocol that included Silikon. He found that the addition of Silikon improved both the yield and quality of the maize despite late rain. 3
  • During an onion trial, we found that the Manvert protocol delivered 6 tonnes more p/ha. During this field test, crops endured extremely high temperatures along with strong winds that placed immense hydric stress on the plants and increased the chances of disease and pests. The Manvert onions were also bigger, better quality and healthier. 4
  • During a potato trail using Manvert Silikon as part of the Manvert protocol, we found the Manvert protocol delivered 9 tonnes more p/ha, the potatoes were bigger and healthier despite extremely high temperatures, strong winds and pests.5



We recommend that all our clients include Manvert Silikon in their crop protection programme this summer season. Manvert Silikon is compatible to use in conjunction with most commonly used fertilisers and can be applied as a foliar application, 2 to 4 times during a crop cycle, depending on the crop requirements. Silikon is Certified organic by CAAE, according to EU and NOP input regulations and can safely be used by organic producers.