Remitto Proves It’s Not Just Potato, Potahto With Their Latest Test

Potatoes like all starchy staple foods get a bad rep for being boring, but of all the vegetables and staple foods this one brings the most diversity to the table – boiled, baked and fried the possibilities are endless and healthy if you do it right. Potatoes are versatile vegetables that can be processed into various products that are enjoyed around the world. In South Africa, there are 16 potato producing regions with the Limpopo and Eastern Free State being the largest, according to Potatoes South Africa’s Annual Industry Information1.

Potatoes are harvested almost throughout the year in the different regions, usually ensuring we always have a steady supply. Only a very small percentage of potatoes are exported and most are sold and processed in the country to serve our local market. Potato farming is a vital addition to our local economy as it off-sets many other businesses and creates job opportunities.



Recently Remitto tested its own Manvert protocol on potatoes to evaluate the efficiency of the selected Manvert products and see whether it could improve the yield of the potato crop. The Manvert products that were used during these trials are Foliplus, Rooting, Stimulant Plus, Fruitsetter, Silikon and Potassium.


Method and Growing Conditions

The trial was performed on a commercial plot that was divided into two sections to ensure similar conditions for both the test and control plot. Both sections were under irrigation and the control plot received the producer’s standard practice. During this trial, it happened that these crops endured extremely high temperatures along with strong winds that placed immense hydric stress on the plants.



1.      Increased yield by the tonne. After harvesting the control and test plot were weighed and the test plot that received the Manvert protocol delivered 9 tonnes more p/ha. The total weight of the control plot was 71 tonnes potatoes p/ha, while the Manvert test plot delivered 80 tonnes p/ha.2.      Improved size. The Manvert protocol delivered potatoes that were bigger in size in comparison to the control group. Both plots were harvested under the same conditions and within the correct time frame for harvesting. (The Manvert protocol is not designed to speed-up production only improve the health of the plant so it can produce healthier vegetables.) 3.      More uniform in size and healthier potatoes. Healthy and uniform potatoes are determining factors for successful commercial potato farmers. After harvesting, we observed that the Manvert protocol delivered more uniform and healthier potatoes. 4.      Good resistance against fungal disease and pests. During this growing season, the producer had to contend with many external stressors including pests and fungal disease. We observed that the Manvert protocol reacted much better to these stressors and delivers healthy potatoes in spite of these external factors.


The Science Behind Manvert

Manvert applies Nanovert tech® to its formulations which means they are able to obtain nanoparticles and thereby higher concentrations of the active ingredient in a solution, better coverage upon application and improved absorption on the leaves. Ultimately this will lead to better results.


The Manvert protocol can be applied to a wide range of fruits and vegetables. To learn more about our Manvert products and protocols for your crops and how they can help you this coming season, please contact us today.