Weeding Out in Winter

Now that you’re done harvesting, winter maintenance can begin. While many may think that farmers are ‘on holiday’ during winter, we know that the work never stops. Weed management is an important maintenance task that should be kept up throughout the year even if you don’t plan on planting winter crops. Growing weeds can deplete the soil from necessary nutrients and water that will be needed during the spring/summer planting season. If weeds are not dealt with, they can also become carriers for pest and pathogens that can further damage future crops.


If there’s one, there can be hundreds more; if the weeds are not controlled during winter, they will release their seeds and come summer you might have a bigger problem than you initially thought. It’s vital that you stop the weeds’ life cycle to contain the problem and save yourself from unnecessary labour and costs. During this season there’s also less chance of rain which can impact the effectiveness of a herbicide.


If you don’t have a weed management strategy in place, please talk to your Remitto consultant for assistance. Before starting treatment, you will have to identify the kind of weeds you have in the field. Improper herbicide use can lead to resistant weeds and cause problems with weed management in the future and damage plants that are necessary.


Devoting the necessary time in winter to eradicate weeds will also free up your time in spring and summer so that you can devote your attention and energy to preparing the fields for your summer crops and other maintenance tasks. Remember it’s best to be proactive and nip the problems in the bud.


To assist you with your winter weed control, Remitto is offering RONDO™ 757 SG at last year’s price!* Place your order with your Remitto consultant today and you will save ±14% on your winter weed control.


RONDO™ 757 SG is a water-soluble granular non-selective foliar, systemic herbicide that’s intended for the management of a wide range of annual and perennial grasses, broadleaf weeds and certain woody perennials on agricultural land.


This herbicide should be applied to actively growing weeds that are not dormant or under temperature or moisture stress. Rain or irrigation a few days prior to a RONDO™ 757 SG application ensures that weeds are actively growing, resulting in optimum efficacy.


RONDO™ 757 SG can be used in fruit and nut orchards, vineyards and arable land for the control of annual and perennial weeds. Please follow the instructions on the leaflet for your own safety and product efficiency.


For more information on your winter weed management programme or any of our products that can assist you with your winter maintenance, please contact Remitto today.


RONDO™ 757 SG is registered by DNA CHEMICALS SOUTH AFRICA (PTY) LTD. (Co./ Mpy Reg. No. 2006/000931/07) Cnr Cason Road and Fifteen Avenue Boksburg North, 1461. Tel: +27 917 9661/62/63. RONDO tm 757 SG Reg. No.: L9490 Wet 36 van 1947.

The active ingredient in RONDO™ 757 SG is glyphosate 687g a.e./kg as Glyphosate Ammonium Salt 757g/kg.


*T&Cs apply. A minimum of 1000kg must be purchased for this limited offer price to apply. This offer is only valid while stocks last, and payment must be made by 20 July 2019.