This Is Why We Choose Remitto

This month we want to introduce you to two valued Remitto clients, Laurens Schlebush and Pierre van Eeden to find out why they choose Remitto as their preferred supplier of agri-chemicals.


Laurens farms in the Bloemfontein district with sunflowers, maize and wheat if the season permits it. While Pierre is from the Edenville district near Kroonstad and runs a mixed farming operation. He plants maize and sunflower and rears Beefmaster cattle and South African Meat Merino sheep.


What do you think of the new Remitto logo?


LS: It’s a very striking logo and I think it shows innovation which is always great. I believe that’s the only way forward – it’s great to find agricultural partners that are looking towards the future and finding new ways to improve the work we do.


PvE: I think it’s a great reflection of their identity as a company. It shows their professionalism, proficiency, analytical nature but also speaks to their accessibility. The company is truly customer orientated – I’ve found that I can always call them and explain my situation or problem in the plainest of terms and then they as a company are able to give me answers and solutions in the simplest of term. It’s great to work with a company that understands farmers.


Why do you choose Remitto as an agri-chemical partner?


LS: Over the years I’ve developed a very good working relationship with my Remitto consultant, Riaan van den Heever. He goes the extra mile to help me wherever he can, and I trust his advice, judgement and I’ve found that Remitto’s prices have a competitive edge.


PvE: There are times, especially during Spring and Summer when managing everything on the farm can become challenging. I choose Remitto because in them I’ve found a true business partner that assists with regular inspections, advice and calibrations. The work they do allows me to focus on other aspects of our farm.


How has Remitto made an impact on your business?


LS: On our farm we try to leave the land mechanically undisturbed after we’ve planted. That means I need to invest in agri-chemicals and a partner I can trust. I’ve found this in Remitto and my consultant, Riaan.


PvE: In modern agriculture today we’re forced to optimise our resources in order to stay profitable. This season I used Remitto products to supplement my crops with micro-nutrients. Like many other producers, this was an especially tough season for us, but despite the difficult weather conditions my crops experienced less stress because I implemented Manvert products at Remitto’s advice. When I switched to Remitto’s agricultural crop protection products, I saved 35% on my maize plantings and 15% on my sunflower plantings. Thanks to Remitto’s advice and suggested products I’m able to farm more effectively and save money this season.


To learn more about Remitto’s products or to speak to one of our consultants for assistance in choosing the right products for your crops, please contact Remitto today.