Remitto Seed Treatments

The future of food security lies within our seeds


In a 16-minute documentary, Dr Cary Folwer explains that crops are on the front line of our changing world, and more importantly that the seeds from which these crops sprout are, unfortunately not yet adapted to the changes that we are experiencing today. We live in a very intricate and symbiotic relationship with seeds – our crops in today’s climate are dependent on us, and our survival is reliant on them. Fowler goes on to say that we have to get climate-ready crops in the field, and we have to do it rather quickly. Because quite frankly, if agriculture doesn’t adapt to the changing climate, neither will we. Who is Fowler? He’s the Advisor and Former Executive Director of Crop Trust and helped found Svalbard Global Seed Vault in Norway.


Whether you want to see seasonal and climatic changes as a warming period or climate change is completely up to you. What we do know is that we need to give our seeds a fighting chance while seed diversity is still adapting to the changing weather conditions.

One of the most effective ways we can do that is through seed treatments.


What are seed treatments?

Seed treatments are biological, physical and chemical agents that are applied to seeds to provide protection from the very beginning of a plant’s life cycle and improve the establishment of healthy crops.


Seeds, like any other living being, are constantly adapting to survive. They have been doing so for thousands of years, without our help and now with some help from us through much-needed cross-breeding. Regrettably, this alone is not sufficient in protecting crops and producing enough food. If we want to ensure food security for a growing population and guarantee sustainable farming practices, we need something more.


Seed treatments are essentially that something more that help producers overcome external challenges that are beyond their control. They significantly improve the establishment of healthy crops and are much more effective and efficient than when applied later in the plant’s life cycle through foliar application.


Remitto Seed Treatments


Microbial Likuiq® for Soybeans

Likuiq® is a nitrogen-fixing Bradyrhizobium inoculant. The inoculation of this specific bacteria plays a pivotal role in the successful production of soybeans and may increase yields. Legumes such as soybeans live in a symbiotic relationship with Rhizobium bacteria – the bacteria provide much-needed nitrogen for the plant and in turn, the plant provides carbohydrates for the bacteria to live off. The increase of nitrogen in the soil automatically increases soil health that results in increased yields and improved crop quality.


Likuiq® is sold with Bioprotector®, an addendum formulated to assist the rhizobium to adhere better to the seed and remain viable in the seed for a longer period after inoculation.


Manvert Rooting for Soybeans and Maize

Manvert Rooting is a biostimulant that’s formulated with micronutrients, polysaccharides and additional essential nutrients to enhance the formation and development of the root system.


The addition of essential nutrients can improve the development of plants from the initial stages, assist the root system with recovery after the attacks of nematodes and increase the nutritional potential of the plant by increasing the formation of its secondary roots.


Manvert Rooting is formulated using Lignovert tech technology and allows us to achieve a high concentration of complexed elements with balanced molecular weight. This allows for improved absorption, distribution and permanence within the plant and in turn increases bio-availability.


Above mentioned products are all highly compatible with other products and are registered as seed treatments and inoculants and thus safe to use.



Producers can apply the seed treatment themselves or alternatively use a Remitto approved agent to apply the prescribed seed treatment.



At Remitto we have taken great care to select products that are not only effective and result-driven but also affordable. Please contact your nearest Remitto consultant today for an exact cost per hectare break down – we can assure you that this small investment will exceed your expectation and deliver results beyond your expectations.