Manvert Rooting Field Test Bears Fruit

The adage goes that the day you plant the seed is not the day you eat the fruit. And while farmers understand this piece of wisdom exceptionally well, they also know that what they do with that seed, even before planting it, can improve the quality and the size of the said fruit, so that when it’s ripe for the picking, the reward is worth the wait.


At Remitto we want South African producers to succeed and make sure that their reward is legitimately worth the wait. During a recent field test, we tested Manvert Rooting as a seed treatment using maize seed.


The Objective

The objective of this field test was to determine the effect of Manvert Rooting as a seed treatment in the furrow against the farmer’s regular protocol and farming practices.



The trial was conducted on commercial non-irrigated farmland located near Ficksburg in the Eastern Free State during the 2018/19 season.



One single dosage of 500ml/ha Manvert Rooting was combined with 70lt water in the furrow with the seeds.


Results & Conclusions

The young plants from the Manvert test plot showed improved rooting in comparison to the control. Early and healthy rooting in maize plants are vital as it anchors young seedlings, provides it with essential nutrients and water and ultimately determines the success of the crop.


The plants were also noticeably stronger and healthier. They showed improved growth and fewer signs of stress in comparison to the control block.


Ultimately it all comes down to the numbers. The returns per hectare are a true testament to the effectiveness of Manvert Rooting. We found that with only one application at R130, the maize yield increased. The test block showed an improvement of 714kg per hectare and delivered R1655,58 p/ha.


The Product

Manvert Rooting is a biostimulant that’s formulated with micronutrients, polysaccharides and additional essential nutrients to enhancing the formation and development of the root system.


The addition of essential nutrients can improve the development of plants from the initial stages, assist the root system with recovery after the attacks of nematodes and increase the nutritional potential of the plant by increasing the formation of its secondary roots.


Manvert Rooting is formulated using Lignovert tech technology and allows us to achieve a high concentration of complexed elements with balanced molecular weight. This allows for improved absorption, distribution and permanence within the plant and in turn increases bio-availability. Products using this technology are highly compatible with other products.


For more information on Manvert’s range of products or to speak with one of our consultants, please contact Remitto today.