How To Get The Most Out of Your Fallow Lands With Remitto

Despite cover crops being trumpeted as the go-to for improving soil fertility, many summer grain producers still today decide to leave their fields fallow in winter. Planting cover crops do come with its own set of advantages and drawbacks which must be thoroughly researched before implementing.

It’s imperative to remember that soil is a complicated and living entity. Just as with any living thing on earth, soil also requires time to rest and recover after a busy season. Leaving a field fallow for a season has the following benefits:

  1. It prevents the loss or leaching of essential soil nutrients and minerals necessary for the next planting season.
  2. It increases microbial activity in the soil which assists with the break-down of plant residue and in return, boosts soil health and fertility.
  3. Leaving the soil to rest means there is very little cultivation taking place and this increases the moisture retention and content of the soil.
  4. Cover crops as we mentioned comes with its own set of drawbacks, one being that it can attract unnecessary disease and pests. Fallow lands, on the other hand, lower disease and pest activity, additionally saving producers money on unnecessary pesticides.
  5. All these factors add up and ultimately leaving a land fallow increases the quality and yield of the next season.

However, leaving the soil to rest does not mean that producers are sitting back and being idle.  Winter is a time of recovery and preparation and Remitto can assist its clients by updating them on the latest research and products for their fallow system so that together we can construct a programme customised to complement their crops and specific needs.

Some of the products that are widely recommended by our consultants are Manvert Salt and Manvert Terra. Both these products assist with replenishing vital minerals and nutrients while also increasing microbial activity to improve soil fertility.

We additionally advise clients to implement a weed management programme as you would to fields that were planted. Fallow lands can become riddled with weeds when they’re not managed and maintained. Weeds drain the soil of vital nutrients and increase labour and mechanical costs if left unaddressed. We recommend RONDOô 757 SG, a water-soluble, granular non-selective foliar, systemic herbicide that’s intended for the management of a wide range of annual and perennial grasses, broadleaf weeds and certain woody perennials on agricultural land.

Remitto wants to help you with your winter maintenance and weed control, so we’re offering RONDO™ 757 SG at last year’s price!* Place your order with your Remitto consultant today and you will save 14% on your winter weed control.

To learn more about this limited offer or to find your nearest Remitto consultant for assistance with your fallow lands, please contact us today.

RONDO™ 757 SG is registered by DNA CHEMICALS SOUTH AFRICA (PTY) LTD. (Co./ Mpy Reg. No. 2006/000931/07) Cnr Cason Road and Fifteen Avenue Boksburg North, 1461. Tel: +27 917 9661/62/63. RONDO tm 757 SG Reg. No.: L9490 Wet 36 van 1947.

The active ingredient in RONDO™ 757 SG is glyphosate 687g a.e./kg as Glyphosate Ammonium Salt 757g/kg.

*T&Cs apply. A minimum of 1000kg must be purchased for this limited offer price to apply. This offer is only valid while stocks last, and payment must be made by 20 July 2019.