Grow Smarter With Remitto’s Range of Nutritional Supplements

Nutritional supplements are vital in ensuring optimal growth, quality and yield which will ultimately play a deciding role in the success of your business. Various micro and macro-elements are necessary during every stage of plant growth. If your crops experience a shortage of the necessary nutrients, it places severe stress on the plants and significantly impacts the quality and quantity of the end product.


Pecan nuts, citrus, grapes and potatoes are some of South Africa’s biggest exports. For farmers that would like to compete in the export market, supplementation can be a defining factor in ensuring their produce meets international export standards.


Remitto knows that when you combine hard work with the right products that help you grow smarter, it bears fruit. That’s why we’ve selected the following product solutions from Manvert to assist you with all your nutritional supplementation needs. Manvert is a trusted manufacturer of specialised nutritional supplements and has provided the agricultural sector with effective, innovative and sustainable solutions since 1988.


Our agents will assist in facilitating ground and foliar analysis where after the correct fertiliser products and dosage will be supplied to ensure optimal growth and yield.


Manvert Foliplus is a complete organic biostimulant that’s applied to crops and soil in order to improve fruit and vegetable growth and the quality of the crop yield. Foliplus contains

amino acids, reducing sugars, seaweed extract (Ascophyllum nodosum) and natural plant hormones that provide a better start for the vegetative cycle, improves sprouting, flowering and fruit set, and therefore improves the weight and colour of the fruit and the sugar content.


Manvert Fruitsetter also forms part of the biostimulant range and additionally protect crops during stressful periods which can negatively impact growth, fruit set, yield and crop quality. This biostimulant is specifically formulated with molybdenum, an essential trace mineral, amino acids and sodium phosphate that provide crops with the ability to take advantage of nitrogen for better fruit development and nutrient mobilisation for improved growth.


Manvert Stumilant Plus product contains high free amino acid content and low molecular weight peptides for increased absorption and efficiency. The Stimulant Plus is part of the biostimulant range and assists with the transportation of micro and macro-elements in a plant and is recommended for all crops that go through critical periods of environmental stress. This nutritional supplement has strong shock effect and is absorbed quickly whether applied as a foliar spray or through a fertigation system.


Manvert Zinc is effective in preventing zinc deficiency in crops and can be used as a corrective treatment in fruit trees. Optimal levels of zinc assist with fruit set, fruit growth and high internal and external fruit quality by enhancing cell growth. Manvert Zinc is part of the range of Lignovert Tech products that are specifically designed with a balanced molecular weight so that it’s miscible in water for improved distribution on the leaf’s surface and thereby increasing absorption and effectiveness.


The Defining Factor

Many farmers invest in the very best technology and products that money can buy but often forget about a very basic but essential factor – the pH balance. Nutrients are pH sensitive and if the pH balance is not correct even the best-formulated nutritional supplement can go down the drain or even worse damage your crops. Remitto’s pH regulator is what sets us apart from all the rest and ultimately makes you a success. Our pH regulator can be added to any nutritional supplement mixture to ensure the effectiveness of the prescribed supplements and further boost its effectivity.


To learn more about our range of nutritional supplements or to speak to one of our consultants for assistance in choosing the right products for your crops, please contact Remitto today.