Do You Analyse Your Soil?

Arable farming is completely dependent on the health of the soil. Every year farmers grow crops which absorb vital nutrients and minerals from the soil. Once the crops are harvested the soil is at a nutrient and mineral deficit. The only way to determine the deficit is by doing a soil analysis which will serve as the basis of a good soil conditioning programme to keep the soil healthy. The healthier the soil, the higher the quality and yield of the crop will be.

A soil analysis aims to:

  • Determine the level of available nutrients.
  • Predict the necessary soil conditioner for the size of the land and cultivar to increase yield and profitability.
  • Evaluate the supply of each nutrient element and simultaneously determine the nutrient compensation plan.

The soil analysis will determine the availability of basic plant nutrients in the soil necessary for optimal growth. These are nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, pH, humus content, total calcium carbonate (CaCO3), available lime, organic matter, total sulphur, trace elements, and other physical characteristics like capacity, permeability, density, pH value. It’s important that all the nutrients for a specific cultivar are available in the correct balance. If there’s too much of one element or too little, this can offset optimal growth and production.


When should a soil analysis be done?

Soil sample and analysis for seasonal crops should be done after harvesting before any soil conditioner has been added and at optimum soil moisture. For permanent crops, such as orchards and vineyards, soil sample and analysis is recommended every 4-5 years.


How can Remitto help?

Remitto consultants are fully equipped to assist clients with taking the necessary soil samples depending on the required tests. They are trained to follow the exact procedures to ensure that the samples that are taken are correct and that accurate results are achieved. An accurate result will allow us to determine the required nutrient compensation plan so that our clients can achieve optimal results.


Where are the soil analyses done?

We have established relationships with a few recognised and accredited laboratories around the country that analyse our soil samples. Because of the access and assistance from these labs, we can also test for chemical damage done by old chemicals, simple disease testing for Nematodes including two parasites as well as fungal and bacterial diseases.


What soil conditioners can Remitto recommend?

We are proud to distribute some of the most recognised brands in the world which have undergone rigorous testing and have a proven track record of delivering results. Remitto can provide clients with products such as Manvert Terra (an organic soil amendment high in micronutrients that improves soil structure), Manvert Salt, Eco Green Gyp-Flo and Eco Green Cal-Flo, among others.


Remitto is motivated to help our clients discover the potential of their soil through our careful selection of products, expertise and experience. Don’t put off testing your soil – contact Remitto today and we’ll put you in touch with your nearest consultant.